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Past Events:
Scott Meyers
The nation’s leading Self Storage Investment educator.

On the webinar Scott will teach us:

  1. How he made over 10K per month spendable cash flow with no Tenents, Trash, or Toilets his first year.

  2. Why he dumped all of his apartments and rental houses for Self Storage Facilities

  3. The Top 10 Reasons to invest in Self Storage Facilities

  4. Why Self Storage is one of the safest asset classes in Real Estate

  5. The are endless opportunities available in the over 60,000 facilities nationwide

  6. Why Self Storage Facilities are “Cash Cows”

  7. Why Self Storage has outperformed all other forms of real estate over the past 30 years, including Homes & Apartments

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So How Does Self Storage Stack up against other forms of Commercial Real Estate Investments?

When comparing Self Storage to other real estate investments such as Apartments, Office Buildings, and Retail, how do they compare? Lets explore some of the most important factors.

Development Costs

Development Costs Graph

The development cost of self storage is one-third to one-half that of Apartments (multi-family), office buildings, or retail properties.

Operating Costs

Operating Costs Graph

Owning Real Estate requires regular maintenance of the grounds, appliances, plumbing, electrical fixtures, etc., which usually require a maintenance staff. As the graph illustrates, self-storage operating costs are less than half that of other real estate properties.

Break-Even Occupancy Rates

Brake-even occupancy rate Graph

When owning investment property, you simply must fill a certain amount of space to keep from losing money. In self storage, this break-even point is considerably lower than other real estate ventures due to its low development costs.

Annual Rent Ranges

Annual Rent Ranges Graph

This chart illustrates that the annual rent ranges for self storage fall within the range of other real estate. However, considering the lower development and operational costs we discussed above, self storage can yield a better bottom line.

Failure Rate Comparison

Failure Rate Comparison Graph

Compared to other real estate investments, self storage has the ability to absorb economic fluctuations, maintaining value during both good and bad economic times.

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